Okay so uh, at first I wasn’t going to write this, but holy fucking god how can you fuck this shit up so bad. Okay, anyways.

Some background

My current phone is Realme X2 Pro, and Realme has kind of announced the Android 11 update for my phone few months ago. However, one particular website started creating a hype, that well, didn’t end up well since they were pumping out new “android 11 update this month????” shit every fucking two weeks. Later some smartass made an XDA post about Realme UI 2.0(their name for Android 11 update) showing up in Europe, it has been like a month or two or so, since that thread started and it’s still somewhat active.

It’s 6th June and as you might have guessed, Android 11 is not here, we got another “security patch” this Friday, which didn’t even bump the usual Google security update, and that thread is already on the “HERE’S THE PROOF THAT WE ARE GETTING ANDROID 11 THIS MONTH!!!!!111” wave. Oh and apparently Realme doesn’t allow for storing pornography on phones with Realme UI installed, so that’s funny. After all this shit happening, I have started to research the options. Which are: unlock the bootloader and get LOS up and running, or, get a phone from a proper brand, like I don’t know Samsung, or Google, since I have this shitbox for 1.5 years now anyways.

Unlocking the bootloader

I’ve found a guide about unlocking the bootloader, and installing recovery and custom rom, while I know how to do the second part, I am disgusted by the sheer complications Treble has introduced, since my previous phone didn’t have all this shit. So, I started reading the bootloader unlock part, you have to download the totally not sketchy apk made by OPPO/Realme/other BBK brand where you need to apply for some bullshit review, after that you have to wait an hour or so for it to go through, and then you get “review successful” screen or something and you click the “start in-depth test” button, whatever that means, and phone reboots.

(Not) Unlocked bootloader

However, while phone did reboot and some stuff happened, it did literally nothing, because as it turns out, those fucking monkeys broke the app and access to bootloader in the previous OS update, and didn’t fix it in the current one. Everything stayed where it was, Widevine level wasn’t dropped to L3, but stays on L1, adb reboot bootloader just reboots the phone without doing anything else, and Power+Volume Up instead of booting to fastboot/bootloader, boots to recovery, and I got extremely frustrated since I already downloaded, the rom, gapps and all the other shit.

Thinking about a new phone, and a rant about 5G

Which is where I have actually started thinking about getting new phone later this year, with oldschool brands being the only options because I am honestly fucking tired of how bad the support is on either Realme/Oppo/BBK(yes, OnePlus too) branded phones and Xiaomi phones. So yeah, Samsung, Google and Sony are the only players in the game now.

Samsung because of their honestly superb integration with Windows 10, yes I am a Windows cuck ever since I got tired of Linux. I am thinking about getting (the yet not announced) Galaxy S21 FE. Google because for some reason their phones are the easiest way to get rid of Google off the phone, and even if I won’t go straight to the custom roms, stock Android is great and you get first class treatment with updates(which shouldn’t be a thing because this should be the standard, but yay, fragmentation). Here I am thinking about Pixel 4A 5G, this naming scheme won’t be a mouthful soon, I swear(tbh, it already is).

And Sony because uhhhhhhhh, it’s Sony, I guess? They have weird ass phones and have almost stock Android as far as I know, there’s something charming about Xperia 1 and 5 designs, this I don’t know, 2017 feel where you had both huge borders and tall displays, fuck 4K tho, whats the point. Here I’d get, fuck, some sort of Xperia 10 or 5, although I am not really thinking about them that much.

I’d also include OnePlus here, but IMO their opinion has deteriorated quickly, while I liked OP6T and OP7, their new phones are just another fucking overpriced flagships with no real additional value included.

While I am at it, can we talk about why including 5G into “flagship killers” makes them just a poor flagship with build quality of a killer(also known as shit) but expensive and easily outclassed by usual flagships? No wonder today mid-range phones can cost almost 2.5k PLN, a price that could buy you a good flagship few years ago. Anyways, Max Verstappen fucking spun and I am angry, bye.