I got the first dose today, yay, I guess? Let’s just hope I won’t die or something.

Anyways, I want to write something and I think I have no better topic than this.

First steps

Since I am really young, I had to wait until 8th of May to actually get registered for a vaccine. I think I was really lucky considering I have been given a date set for May 22nd (which of course wasn’t true, as I am going to write about that in the next part). The process of getting the date was as simple as this:

  • Go to this site
  • Log in with either your PESEL and phone number or Profil Zaufany(basically an account for all governmental services)
  • Choose your city
  • Choose a place, a date, and a vaccine you want to get
  • Choose an hour and confirm the choice
  • You are done!

Oh and by the way, the last date you can get is usually 2 weeks later than the first one

The actual date

As I said previously, my designated date was 22nd of May, which I chose specifically to not interfere with my working schedule.

However, since gubmint knows better what I want, it got moved forward to 19th May. Okay, I am going to get the vaccine quicker than planned, but that also disrupted my schedule and that’s what I didn’t like.

Let’s hope it won’t happen with second dose.


The day came around pretty quickly. I was pretty stressed out because there was a heavy rain forecast, but whatever. I left the house at 15:30, got a nice walk to the vaccination point.

When I arrived there, I got some questionnaire to fill in. It was about my contact with COVID, other vaccines in last few days/months and whether I have those diseases, nothing big. Then another person wanted to check my ID and other stuff like that. Now the worst part comes in. Waiting for actual vaccine.

There are 6 vaccination stands, every one of them has its own queue of 5 people each. At first I thought it’s not a problem since it was moving quickly. But then the problems came around. Our queue suddenly got disbanded because this stand was getting closed. This wasn’t so bad, what was bad, is that we got moved to the slowest queue of them all (about which we didn’t know about for next 20 minutes). At some moment they told us that this stand is waiting for vaccine to be done, and got us to move to another queue which was quicker. At this point I had to wait for few minutes to finally get stabbed.

And yeah, I officially got The Chip™. And my next dose is on 19th June. Exactly month after this one, neat.

How I am feeling after the stab so far

After I left the stand, I had to stay there for next 15 minutes just in case I got some adverse reaction. Fortunately nothing happened, but my head felt funny (and still feels like that), my hand did hurt a bit. At some point rain actually showed up and I had to text my father for him to get me from there. I got out, and he waited for me. After we got home, my hand stopped hurting. Some time later I got paracetamol. Now I am feeling sleepy, but knowing me I won’t actually get to sleep till like 1 or 2AM.

The End

I might update this post whenever I am gonna feel worse or something, but I probably won’t, meh. See you again soon, here, or something. I don’t know what I am doing. Bye